Meet the Crafters


Hey, I’m Emily! I craft all of the wooded bracelets in our shop. I use natural, unwaxed and unstained wood for a pure natural feel. I love the aromatic scent of the forest they hold. I love working with Elements, Chakras, love, compassion and law of attraction. That’s where most of the inspiration for my bracelets stem from. All of the stones and crystals I use in our jewelry are cleared, and charged in the sun and moonlight. While crafting I infuse each individual bracelet with love and blessings from my own heart. Each piece of jewelry created is more than a fashionable accessory. It’s a healing tool that I designed to balance, activate and heal. A true essence of the forest.

Away from work, I enjoy gardening, journaling, yoga, cooking and spending time on the water and in the woods.



Hey there, I’m Dave! I’m responsible for all of the woodwork you see in our shop. My craft began with a log and an axe. I began carving spoons by hand and evolved into making unique wood jewelry. My wood comes from reclaimed sources, so I’d never cut a tree down to make jewelry. My favorite species to work with are Black Walnut, Oak, Cherry and Mulberry. I pair the metaphysical healing properties of the wood with different gemstones to bring you the ultimate power pendant. I spend long hours in the shop crafting for our online store, festivals, and a number of retail shops. You can find my wood and gemstone pendants in retail stores all throughout the United States.

In my spare time I enjoy practicing yoga, spending time in nature, playing music and eating vegan meals with Emily.

We both are open to customizing our work to tend to each individual’s needs. We are able to gift wrap, craft for special occasions such as bridal party gifts and whole sale. Email us at mysticalmakings@reborn.com

Get a taste of our work by visiting our shop Woodland Zen