4 Elements Healing

Self Healing with the 4 Elements of life

Fire, Earth, Air & Water

Self healing with Elemental interpretation is based on where the celestial bodies were positioned at the time of birth. These planetary influences work in our benefit as we begin to understand them. When we speak in terms of Elements; Fire, Earth, Air & Water, we are considering temperament as a person’s primary response to situations, relationships and most things in general; physical, purposeful, intellectual or emotional. This leads us to understanding thyself. When we water our seed of knowledge in this way, we grow with great wisdom in communication with our highest self.

Self Healing as a FIRE Person

Aries, Leo & Sagittarius

My dear Fire People,

I honor you as you apply your energy wholeheartedly, especially when you’re aroused by your passion. You ARE “action” so we count on you to get it done. You’re called to the front lines in highest respect of your courage and vitality. You are inspired by life and Fire People, you inspire me unquestionably.

Fire People; You are the most active sign. This means you have a serious role on planet Earth at this very moment. Learn to channel this vigorous energy constructively and develop patience. Complete the projects initiated for the good of all, and watch your accomplishments become legendary.

Healing Tools for Fire People

Self Healing as an EARTH Person

Taurus, Virgo & Capricorn

Dear Earth People,

Thank you, for granting us Purpose. Your kind is practical and with ambition. We look to you, Earth People, to find an efficient way to create reason without wasting time or resources. Yes, I know you. You do not seek information or facts that may impede the ultimate goal or nor do you allow sentimentality to confuse you. Your contribution to the world is structure, form and solidity. You impress me, as you work at your goal to prove your self worth.

I have to be honest with you Earth People.. I find it difficult to convince you that everything cannot be measured in terms of material worth. This can make you slow to change. Open your mind and heart, Earth People, to change old habits and see the new joys of life.

Healing Tools for Earth People

Self Healing as an AIR Person

Gemini, Libra & Aquarius

Dear Air People,

I can never get enough of you. You bring us humor and intellect. You are quick and animated. You support the rest of us by intellectualizing emotions to help us better understand our feelings. Air People; keep talking, expressing, and informing us for days, and we will never get bored! You show us the richness in this world of ideas and imaginations. Reveal us your mind, and you grant us the greatest gift of inspiration, words and new realities.

Air People, in order to advance in this dimension, you must remember that high mindedness is no excuse for lack of sentiment or physical demonstrations of affection. Keep in mind as well, what may work in theory may not work in reality. Stay in touch with emotions, without over analyzing and you can conquer the world.

Healing Tools for Air People


Self Healing as a WATER Person

Cancer, Scorpio & Pisces

Dear Water People,

As I write this to you, I communicate to the deepest of Oceans of emotions within myself, as I am a Water person too. We lead this world with our hearts. Emotions dominate our decisions which are rooted from our instincts and intuitions. Our sensitivity keep us connected to the truth of this reality. We are not easily fooled by surface thoughts, rules or regulations. No, we understand the depth of this universe. We bring love and mystery to this realm.

My Water Relatives, we must be aware that we can drowned in our waters of emotions. We must not let it stop our own growth and self development. Instead of allowing emotions lead to degradation and despair, we must direct this energy to work toward remarkable achievements of world love and peace.

Healing Tools for Water People

Go on now.. Be on your way on your own healing journey. Take this world in your hands and master it. Give it your best shot. You are the change. You are INFINITE.