Get Lost in Nature | Self Discovery Challenge

Let’s do our souls a favor and get in touch with the source of our being – Mother Earth.

Studies show that a simple nature walk can make you feel more alive, improve focus, relive stress, boost creativity and curve depression. Before the new year, I want to encourage everyone to connect to nature as much as possible. I believe it will help us all achieve our New Years Resolutions, no matter what they might be.

In My Experience

Surrounding yourself with trees and fresh air is the best way to gain clarity in life and stay focused. Each goal I have achieved in my life so far has been made possible with consistent nature walks and prayers. Even making a connection with one tree will do the trick, in my opinion. Anytime I am stressed, have a headache, feel uncertain, or energetically drained – a simple walk in nature has brought instant relief.

Let’s hold each other accountable. Join me in the 7 day nature walk challenge! We will be discussing our experience in the Facebook Group.


Minimum time – ten minutes. Seven days

Discover something new about yourself

Gain clarity on the new year ahead of us

Set new personal growth goals

What to bring:

One healing tool of choice. Examples – crystals, journal, herbal tea, or whatever else that may help you connect to your higher self.


Beginning Sunday Dec 3rd for seven days. Anytime of the day that works for you. You can join in at anytime!

Join the group to share your experience with us! Crystal Healing and Self Development.

I hope this challenge may bring you healing on your path.

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