Heart & Mind: Aligning with your True Self

We all dream big. We can say one thing and do another. We may dream about a peaceful and abundant life, meanwhile our actions don’t align with our desires. The two ingredients in this life pie is our mind and our hearts.

Many of us have a disconnection between the two. Spiritual teachers throughout history have spoke of connecting the two for balance, integrity, overall love and spirituality. When the two are connected, our life carries meaning. Our words become impeccable, as do our actions.

What are some common examples of this behavior?


1. Stress Management: Are you settling for suffering?

No one wants to live a stressful life. But many settle for one. We all have the ability to recognize when we are stressed, but move right past it allowing for it’s grasp to affect our way of life. Sometimes, we don’t even notice it, and let our distress pour out on others. No one means for this to happen, it just does. And we all know this story…

Our hearts don’t want to be stressed and release emotions on other people. Our minds, under stress, short circuits on a crash-course autopilot and does the best it can.

We all get stressed. The difference between happy and stressed is in how you manage it. Recognize, stop, and manage this stress. Everyone has their own methods. Sitting down and taking a deep breath can work wonders. Start there and see what happens next time you feel your heart rate increasing.

2. Is the world an ugly place?

We all know how nasty people can be on the internet or in person. Rude or obnoxious, downright mean, or untrustworthy. We are quick to judge others and point out their flaws. We are taken back when someone lashes out, insults someone, or says something that doesn’t align with their heart’s truths. Though at the same time we are quick to lower ourselves to that same behavior without realizing we’re exhibiting the same conduct we know is wrong. If you were followed by an invisible camera crew, would you be that same nasty person?

Our hearts are hurt by the world’s bitterness, though when we are pushed into the same places that require understanding, critical thinking, and compassion, our minds lash out and act for our ego.

Take the high road. Life is too short to tote around a chip on your shoulder. Anger is poison. When a situation arises that requires delicacy, make sure to follow your compassion protocol. There are many. “What would Jesus do?” being a well known one. CCT – calm, collective, truthful being another. “If you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say it at all”… You know how to take the high road. So let’s stay on it. Your heart wants to. Let’s get your mind to come along.

3. Do you Love Animals?

Who doesn’t? We all say we love animals. But in today’s society, that statement doesn’t ring true. In this case there is a big difference between pets, and all animals. Most people love their pets. And at the same time, consume beef, chicken, pork, fish, and others. These animals have the same or more levels of intelligence, and ability to love and feel pain. They mourn the loss of their babies, and have the same capacity for memory and comprehension as our cats and dogs. Since we do not see how it arrives at our plate, there is a disconnection between proclaiming love for animals, and eating them. Whether it be from uncle bob’s farm, or a tyson chicken CAFO, no animal wants to die. Animals are here with us, not for us.

Our hearts do not want to cause any amount of suffering, or unwarranted death. Though our minds do not have the information about how a “food” gets to the grocery store and into our stomachs. When you can make the connection between the similarities of our loving pets and the 56 billion animals per year (28k per minute) that are artificially created solely for our pleasure, then one’s actions can be truly aligned with the statement “I love animals”.

Research for yourself, millions are choosing a compassionate lifestyle that aligns with their values and love for animals. It’s a win win for your health, the environment, and your spirituality as well! Leaving animals and their by products off your plate is becoming easier everyday. Choose compassion, your heart already has.

4. Health: The ultimate contradiction.

Everyone has health on their mind now a days. Or perhaps in their heart. Their mind is what gets in the way in this situation. With more and more organic and plant based foods becoming available, the industry’s supply is certainly responding to our demand and desire to be healthier and happier. But do our actions align with our dreams of vitality and life force? We say we want to be healthy, but we’ve become pros at justifying the fast food, animal products, sugar, and alcohol like it’s no big deal or it won’t hurt us. The country’s state of health speaks for it’s self.

Our hearts want to live a healthy, happy, and whole life. Though our minds get in the way due to sensory stimulation and instant gratification. We know that burger will affect our health, but we choose to buy it anyway.

You don’t need to research the benefits of being healthy. We all know why being healthy is important. So let’s make the right decisions, and align our hearts with our minds.

heart-and-mind-connection.jpgLet’s make the connection

Let’s act as the loving light beings we are. We have the ability and desire to do great and compassionate things.

What are some other examples of a disconnection between heart and mind? Comment below!

Thanks for reading.

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