20 Things to do on a Gloomy Day | Self Discovery

Some experience gloomy days as depressing moments in time. Days where it’s only possible to stay in and dream about fun in the sun on the beach. Gloomy and rainy days are actually a special day to take advantage of. The sky is grey because the universe knows that its a good day to block out distractions to go inside your soul and work on self discovery. Use this list to uplift your energy and get motivated on a gloomy day. You may want to gather materials such as your favorite hot tea, a blanket, a yoga mat, a journal and a pen for these activities.


  1. Make hot a cup of herbal tea, or coffee. Drink it by a window. Notice thoughts that may appear.
  2. Meditate. Set a timer for 20 minutes. Are you able to sort out your thoughts? Clear your mind?
  3. Read a book by the window. Choose a genre you usually don’t pick up. Wrap yourself in a cozy blanket.
  4. Research a topic that’s been on your mind. Write notes about it. Have you been considering how to eat heather? Wonder how Astrology works? How to plant and grow trees? Now is the day to research those random topics!
  5. Start learning a new language – just for today. Don’t take it seriously. Just have fun with it and who knows what the future may hold. You could be speaking french at the Eiffel tower someday 😉 Check out Duolingo as a fun language game. (This is how I started learning Spanish and Japanese)
  6. Write out your game plan. Grab your journal or some paper and write out where you want to see yourself in 3 years from now. Details are important. What sort of things do you see when you wake up? What do you smell? What does your evening routine look like? Don’t forget – DREAM BIG. This is your life. Paint it however you want!
  7. On the next page, write a 10 step plan of how you will get there and achieve your future goals.
  8. Write a letter to yourself from yourself. Express why certain things make you stressed or frustrated.
  9. Write a letter to yourself from yourself. Express all of the amazing qualities about yourself. What makes you different from others?
  10. Think about 2 new things you would like to learn. Google online or local classes.
  11. Grab your planner. Write out your ideal successful week. (Don’t forget to write down what days your new classes are on)
  12. Practice yoga for 20 to 30 minutes. I always recommend the Youtube channel Yoga with Adriene 30 day challenge to friends. She has a lot of basic videos for beginners as well.
  13. Feng Shui your bedroom.
  14. Cook something healthy for just yourself.
  15. Call your grandmother or any family member. How have they been?
  16. Go through old photos. How have you changed since then?
  17. Light some candles.
  18. Grab your journal and practice automatic writing for 3 pages. If you run out of things to write, just jot down “I don’t know what to write” until something else pops up in your head. Just keep writing what’s on your mind for 3 pages.
  19. De-clutter your home.
  20. Sit on the floor on a blanket. Smudge yourself with sage, say prayers and express your thankfulness.

As always, I’d love to hear what activities you’ve tried from this list and your experience!


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