Self Healing | How to Hold Yourself Accountable

Self healing is the act of tending to your physical, mental and spiritual health. At times chakra healingthroughout our lives, our physical body may become exhausted, our emotions may become out of control, or we may feel hopeless. Self healing may mean something different to everyone. Have you considered what it means to you? Is it taking time to drink your coffee alone? Is it pampering yourself with a spa day? Is it taking a walk in the forest? Is it prepping a healthy plant based meal? Or could it be reading an inspiring book? Whatever it may be – how dedicated are you to your self healing? Are you consistent?

Consider how you take responsibility for your self healing. Discover how you nourish yourself and how to hold yourself accountable.

  1. Discover your Self Care Routine

For me, my self care routine began when I was very young. I would  get bored of the cartoons on the T.V so I would shut it off. I bursted through the back door, running like a wild child into the yard, leaving my shoes behind. Into the forest I ran. I loved running through the creek, getting my feet muddy, finding trees to climb, and chatting to the little critters that also roamed around. This is where I discovered myself. I felt so free to be who I am. I grew up, moved out, and became a busy adult. In recent years, I reconnected with this act of self love once I dropped out of college.

My self care routine includes spending as much time in the woods as I can. I talk a walk in nature everyday. This is my routine. It’s so important to me because I allows me to ground and reconnect to the essence of my being while living in a fast paced society. I also discovered other acts of self healing that works for me such as eating a plant based diet, taking time to prepare my food, drinking a lot of water, practice yoga for 30 minutes every other day, reading, writing and so on.

Do you need some ideas?

Spend 5 minutes meditating once you wake up, take a walk to catch the sunset every evening, make a smoothie a few times a week, purchase and read a self help or self healing book, write about your feelings everyday, De-clutter your home, start a dream journal or start a yoga practice!

What is your self healing routine?

2. Decide How Many Times a Week You Need This

When experimenting with self care acts, it’s easy to trail off, become unmotivated and forget about it. It’s important to stay consistent. Set a goal: How many times a week should you take the time for your self healing activities?

For me, I realized I didn’t enjoy fitting everything into one day. It became overwhelming to write in my journal, take the dog for a walk, go on a hike alone, prepare a healthy lunch and dinner, and find time for my 30 minute yoga practice! So I set a routine. I build upon my yoga practice every other day, so I can be sure to spend a full 30 minutes and not cut myself off. I take my dog for a walk on days I don’t go out for a hike, since he’s getting older and prefers to take rest days as well.

Simple things like organizing and choosing appropriate times can keep your self care routines efficient. I started off using a planner to help me, and it worked well! Now it’s so natural I don’t find that necessary.

3. Hold Yourself Accountable Take Responsibility

This is your life. You have the power to make it what you want! Taking small steps of self healing and self love lead to big manifestations. Hold yourself accountable. Begin experimenting with what makes you feel good and loved inside. For me, it was difficult to find the motivation at first.  A simple way I created healthy habits was setting a reoccurring alarm clock on the days I practiced my self healing routines. It would look like this

Monday, Wednesday, Friday, Sunday @ 7 am Yoga

A planner is also a good idea. Nothing is better than going with your intuition and just doing what feels right. When journaling became a part of my self healing routine, I only wrote in the mornings. It turned into whenever I needed to get something of my chest, I would just automatically go back to my notebook and write it out.

Take a moment to think about when are good times to make space for your self healing activities. Always know that it’s healthy to try something and have it not work out than not trying at all. Know that you can always reschedule and try different times!

You life can be a blank canvas. Paint it however you want! Shine! Build your happiness. Learn to love yourself! Share with me your acts of self healing, and how you find time to incorporate it in your schedule!


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