List of 20 Things to do in Nature | Self Discovery

Want to get out of the house and into nature? Here is a special list to resort to for self discovery! It may also come in handy if you are feeling lost in life, looking for creative inspirations, need de-stressing methods and prompt relaxation. You may do these activities at a community park, in a forest, at a nature preserve, a state or national park. Bring whatever you’d like. Fruit, nuts, healthy snacks, water, a blanket, a notebook, pen, binoculars and a camera are recommended items.

  1. Go for a walk in the forest. Set a timer for 20 minutes.
  2. Walk for 1 hour alone. Can you go barefoot? Can you splash your feet in a stream, river or puddle?
  3. Explore a nature preserve with a friend – bring only fruit to snack on!
  4. Bring a notebook. Write about what is on your mind. Fill 3 pages.
  5. Find the biggest tree. Sit next to it with your eyes closed. Try to communicate with it. Can you sense it’s old wisdom?
  6. Find a rock that you feel drawn to. Sit down, hold it and close your eyes. Think about positive things you want to manifest. Put those intentions into your rock. Take it home with you or leave it behind.
  7. Climb a tree. Eat nuts or fruit and think like a squirrel. Can you see your surroundings through the eyes of a tiny woodland creature?
  8. Find a quiet spot. Write a letter from your self to yourself. What does your “wiser self” forgive you for?
  9. Purchase or download a plant or tree identification book. Can you try to ID three plants?
  10. Walk quietly. Search for three different birds.
  11. Find a plant that you are drawn to. Sit next to it and stare at it for 3 minutes. (you may want to set a timer on your phone) What do you feel? What did you think about? Record this in a journal!
  12. Write a positive note to a stranger. Leave somewhere along a path where someone will find it. Optional: Leave $5 in it.
  13. Begin a hike or walk at dawn to watch the sun come up. Do you notice any new animals around?
  14. Hike or walk on a full moon night with a friend. Can you hear anything unusual?
  15. Photograph 3 types of flowers or 3 types of nuts. When you go home, research them on the internet. Can you find their names?
  16. Before beginning your walk or hike, ask the universe for a positive message – pay attention to unusually behaviors of trees, birds, bugs, and so on.
  17. Lay in the grass or on a blanket – watch the clouds travel
  18. Star gaze for 15 minutes or longer. Can you spot a shooting star?
  19. Close your eyes to tune into the sounds around you. Can you hear crickets, frogs, birds, water or other sound vibrations? Keep your eyes closed and resonate with the sounds for 5 to 30 minutes
  20. Find a squirrel or other woodland creatures – quietly whisper a heavy situation on your heart or a prayer to them. Don’t forget to tell them, “thank you.”


As always, don’t forget to express respect for Mother Earth. Be sure to carry out any trash and be mindful of the creatures living in the area.

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