The Process of a Pendant

Do you ever wonder about where the materials come from when you purchase something? Which country it came from? Where the materials were sourced? If it’s sustainable or harmful to the earth?

With love and honor, I want to share with you how we craft our wood pendants. We follow the protocol of “the 4 Rs”

Respect, Resource, Reclaim and Re-home.

pendant collage

Step 1. Respect.

If you follow us on social media, or have talked to us in person, you probably can remember us telling you,

“We never cut down a tree to make a pendant.”

We take pride in that. Dave and I love our forests so much. We spend a lot of time in the woods together, and alone. I fall in love with the smell of the damp leaves and bark. The fragrance of the pines. The sunlight that trickles down and highlights the tree tops. Breathing in the crisp clean air is so energizing for me. It’s my home. Respect is the first step in creating wood pendants. Cutting down a tree means that we would be destroying someones habitat. It’s not necessary for the work that we do. We express our respect before resourcing our materials.

Step 2. Resource.

The next step is to sustainably find our materials. We gather wood that has already fallen. People in our area also know to call us if they have to remove a tree from their yard.

Step 3. Reclaim.

Now that we have our wood, we make it into something beautiful! Jewelry! The most fun part  of the whole process is to retrieve something that was previously going to get burned or rot away. I love wearing my pine pendant everyday with black obsidian. Other customers cherish nature just as much as I do, and love having a piece of the outdoors close to them when their not in the woods. It’s a very special thing.

Step 4. Re-home.

Our purpose is to recreate the essence of Mother Nature into something you can possess and carry with you at all times. We often hear our customers say,

“I can’t leave the house without it.” Or, “I feel naked when I’m not wearing it!”

It’s because wearing earthly jewelry brings a sense of grounding and balance. It reminds us of how we feel when we are out on the beach, or on a hike, close to nature.


The final step is to re-home. That is what we need you for! We want to share the gifts of nature with the world. Take a look at our shop and which wood calls out to you. Is it cedar? Walnut? Cherry? Mulberry? Oak?

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