Fall Plans

I don’t know about you, but this is my favorite time of year! Finally the intensity of the summer has come to an end. Cool nights, cozy sweaters, and hikes in the colorful forests are just a few of my favorites. Most of all, it’s the time of year to let go.

Just Let Go.

Just like the trees letting go of their leaves, we’re letting go of the long busy weekends of vending at music festivals. Letting go of vending at farmers markets. Letting go of an adored product line, and letting go of some jewelry (free giveaways!)

Plan 1.

Spend more time at home. Being finished with the music festivals and farmers markets, we’re happy to spend more time at home. I plan on doing a lot of fall cooking, studying and hiking.

Plan 2.

Hippy fest and Crane fest are the only events we are attending for the month of October. Hippy fest will be a one day event with music, art and crafts! If you’re friends with me, you know how much I love cranes and how excited I am for crane fest!

Plan 3.

Bringing the Astrology Bracelet line to an end. We don’t have an exact date of when it will come to an end. We are just carrying out the last of our stock. We have drastically lowered the prices on these. I plan on sending an email out for final price drops, and for the final stock. Note, this only pertains to our Astrology Bracelets. Our Element collection will still be available.

Plan 4.

Loop Giveaway! This is our biggest giveaway for fall! We have teamed up with two other shops to bring an ultimate healing bundle! This one is only available on Instagram. If you don’t already follow us, hurry to enter! It ends 10/10. Speaking of Instagram, I love sharing customer appreciation! If you own a Mystical Making’s, piece I’d love for you to send us a selfie with the jewelry! I’ll tag you and shout you out 🙂

Thank you for being here with us on this journey. I’m grateful for your time and energy.

What are you favorite things about fall?


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