Four Amazing Things You didn’t Know About Labradorite

New Labradorite pieces have just been added to the shop. If you’re in the market for purchasing, check out high quality pieces here. We are feeling inspired to share the gifts that this powerful stone has to offer. Beware, when you wear Labradorite, you are wearing the “spiritual vision.” Here are four ways that this iridescent stone with flashes of the cosmos will change your life.



  1. Labradorite Holds Wisdom.

Let go, and trust its wisdom. It’s incredible intuitive properties may help balance analysis and rationality with inner knowing and perceptive insight. Labradorite goes to the core of a matter and brings up suppressed issues for resolution. It will banishes fear. She knows what she is doing. Trust her.

   2. Its Been Used to Heal Disease.

Labradorite heals dis-eases and migraines. Balances hormones, regulates metabolism and relieves PMS. It is used to heal inflammatory conditions. The Necklaces we sell in shop are worn over the higher heart chakra, which has been known to protect one from colds.

   3. Labradorite Helps you to Walk your True Path

Labradorite attunes to your soul’s purpose. It connects you to the greatest part of your soul. Since it is known as the stone of spiritual vision, it allows you to see things for what they really are, and understand the deeper reality of life, you are free to walk your true path. What makes you truly happen? What is your purpose? Labradorite may help you unfold these truths.

   4. Labrdorite Protects from Evil

Labradorite aligns and re-calibrates the physical and subtle etheric bodies to higher frequency energy to shield you from detrimental external influences. It is easy to pick up negativity or lower vibrational frequencies from other people, especially if one is empathic. Wear Labradorite as a shield.

We have many Labradorites sitting on the shelf, waiting for a home. Check them out, and see if any of them are calling to you 🙂

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