You’re into Crystals? You might want to read this.

In 2017, most of us are familiar with crystal’s vibrations. In this article, we’ll be reviewing various forms of both good and bad frequencies that we may take for granted. You see crystals aren’t the only player in this path of healing. Let’s dive deeper shall we?

Essential Oils

Perhaps you’ve seen the charts with measured frequencies of blends and pure oils like the one below. These measurements are taken with devices that can detect the wavelengths, therefore the life force, chi, prana, aether, energy, etc. There are many names for this force that flows through all organic matter. Essential oils are pure extracts from various plants. Being the concentrated form of an already high vibrational being, these oils can heal, protect, and ultimately raise your quality of life.



Sure, everyone knows to eat healthy. That’s old news! But wait, there’s another aspect most don’t consider. The vibrational quality. While thinking about crystals, and other frequencies, one can overlook what goes directly inside our body. All matter in this universe consists of sound, light, and frequency. A fried or cooked vegetable for example is going to have much lower resonance than a fresh, raw one. Processed foods, meat from animals, sugar, overly cooked meals, and the wide range of junk food that is available at our convenience all have a monumental consequence on our body, mind, and spirit due to it’s low vibrational qualities.  Just like we wouldn’t pour water into our car’s gas tank, we don’t want to be putting these “bad vibes” into the most important component of our existence in this realm, our body.


What state your mind is in can be measured in wavelengths as well. Beta, Alpha, Theta, and Delta waves. Beta is what we spend most of our waking life in, while the others occur during deep relaxation, REM sleep, and deep sleep. Having fearful, anxious, hateful, or any type of “negative” thoughts can induce a harmfully fast beta wave making it hard to operate with your full potential. While experiencing all thoughts and feelings is important to deep thinking and evolution, avoiding an abundance and maintaining balance is key.

Cell Phones

Ever heard of an SAR rating? It’s the amount of radiation you’re receiving from your cell phone. Smart phones have the highest. These frequencies have been linked to “possible” brain damage and other disruptions. While I cannot come out and say that these frequencies will cause cancer and brain damage due to legal reasons, I can say it’s something I opt out of entirely by using a “dumb phone” and simply checking my notifications when home at my laptop.


The best medicine is in the woods. Breathe deep, think deep. Studies have shown that being in nature is therapeutic on many levels. The sounds and sights induce brain waves that calm us down and de-stress. Get out there, go on a walk, run, or your own little vision quest!


Water is life. We’re made out of it. The quality of the water you are drinking plays a huge role in health and spirituality. Alkaline water with a PH level higher than 7.5 hydrates your body quicker. Bad quality water is just better for you. This is no ground breaking news to you I’m sure. Did you know water changes with emotions? Dr Emoto froze water saying different phrases to it like “I love you” or “I hate you”,  and the results were astonishing. You may have heard about this man through the Spirit Science videos. I’ll let you do the math on this final point. Yes, I’m giving you homework. If emotions affect water, and we’re made of it…..what does that mean for us?

I hope you enjoyed this read. While staying mindful of all of these practices, a high vibrational crystal will always be your friend through this journey.

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