Unplug from Illusion – 4 Ways to Create Space and Happiness.

In our modern society, there are countless trains of destructive thoughts, followings, and happinesssubstances that inhibit us from reaching the love within. However these roadblocks reach us, they stop us from going within, healing our wounds, or just plain thinking deeply to reach a better understanding of life.

I want to share with you a few ways I have “unplugged from the matrix” that has kept my mind clear, enabling me to move forward with my journey. You see, there are so many “false finish lines” or dead end roads to take that will leave you high and dry when it comes to fulfillment, balance, and happiness. Not only that, but the distractions we all are subjected to on a daily basis morph our priorities into empty, meaningless goals that ultimately ruin our body, mind, and spirit. To say in short, the dark side is working very hard against us.

Stop Destructive Consumption

The most obvious and overlooked aspect is what we consume. Whether it be food, or a television show, the things we put in our body and mind have a massive impact on our ability and desire to work on ourselves to achieve true happiness.

1. Smartphones – These devices carry so many apps and attention grabbers. Bringing these devices with us through our daily life is a sure way to get distracted and sucked into the false reality the “bad guys” are portraying. Switch to a “dumb phone”. They have a smaller SAR rating (specific absorption rate) which means you are subjected to less radiation. Each smart phone has a different level of radiation and harmful waves it pumps into your brain and electromagnetic field, or aura. If you are into crystals, you know about vibrations and frequency. The waves that are flowing through your temple due to these devices affect your body, mind and spirit in a massive way. I’ve found by switching to an older phone, I save money by not having a data plan and a phone that breaks each year, and time by not being distracted by these “notifications”. Nature has many notifications waiting for you right NOW. You may want to check them.

2. Alcohol – We’ve all heard that if “you booze, you loose”. Well, I have found this to be all too true. The culture, the people, and the substance itself each have their own particular effects on our total being. On a physical level, it is linked to cancer, and is known to affect every single organ in your body. On a spiritual level, it pollutes your mind and motivation, making it hard to move forward in life. It covers emotions that need to be processed by a sober mind in order to avoid burying them and causing problems later in life. If you put down the bottle, you’ll find that life becomes more clear and easy to navigate.

3. Television – This is a no brainer for many of us. Even for people still watching daily are aware of it’s degrading influence, yet justify it in many ways deeming it innocent “entertainment”. Though it’s far from it. Cultural programming, destructive belief systems, and many other distractions are subliminally hidden, waiting to concur your better judgement. Once TV is rid from your daily life, deep thinking and self work can occur much easier.

4. Animals & Animal Products – If you are familiar with the chakra system, you may know that the root chakra is the area that deals with instinct, ego, survival, and other low vibrational emotions. When this chakra is too strong, we behave like animals. This is largely due to what we consume. You can find a dead, tortured animal that lived it’s life in fear on most people’s plates three times a day. These vibrations don’t disappear, but transfer into us, feeding our lower emotions. Animals operate on these basic levels of existence. Survival, instinct, and others. By opting out of this energy intensive form of protein, we can in turn unplug, and focus more on ourselves and not what is put into us.


With these major setbacks now in the past, we are free to think, and act as the spiritual beings we strive to be. Try 2 or more of these paths, and you will feel the power. Try all four and get ready to walk your rainbow path.


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