How to NEVER be Afraid of ANYTHING

How to never be afraid of anything?….But how?

An event happens to you each week or each day that causes your mind to go in downward spirals, thinking negatively. It can cause many adverse reactions like anger, resentment, and everything between. Including the focus of this article: FEAR.

There are two main varieties of human emotion. Love and fear. Every feeling and emotion stems from these two, and our bodies release a few key hormones that demonstrate the simplicity that can allow us to understand ourselves just a bit more.

Beneficial emotions, the love emotions, release oxytocin. Causing feelings of joy.

Fearful, and detrimental emotions release cortisol. Causing stress, and all emotions that come with it. 

When our bodies are overwhelmed with cortisol, it’s difficult to make decisions and process emotions, which leads to all the emotions that root from fear. Operating throughout life in the best way possible means acting out of love, and the ability to understand, think, and act in ways which will take care of any situation.

So how do we do it?!? Get to the good stuff already.

I’m going to share a method I learned from a psychologist by the name of Ralph Smart. I highly suggest watching his videos and learning from him. His knowledge and journey has gone beyond the level of help. He has helped me to evolve. While I learn from many teachers, I’d like to focus on him for this article.  This is his method for handling any situation in life. Please watch a video or two HERE. He has a wide range of topics from how diet affects your mood, metaphysical topics like chakras, third eye opening, and general thinking habits that limit you everyday. If you want to “level up”, please. Watch a few and share.

Calm, Collective, Truthful (CCT)

  1. Stay calm.

  2. Collect yourself

  3. Stay truthful.

Stay Calm – This one is a bit obvious, perhaps so obvious many of us overlook this step when dealing with a stressful situation. STAY CALM. Do not over react.

Collect yourself – Now you’re calm, so collect yourself. Focus, and balance your breath and mind. Cut out any thoughts that are not doing you good, or causing you to have a bias.

Stay Truthful – This one is quite important. But don’t take it the wrong way. Many arguments can be easily solved if each person involved is clear on how they feel and what they want to happen in a peaceful manner. If each person in an argument practiced these methods, they’d be able to communicate what and how they feel, what they want, and how a compromise can occur. Whatever the situation is, a broken down car, a overdrawn bank account, or a death in the family, remember to never bury what you are feeling. Your true emotions, the processing of them, and the expression of them is very key to your happiness.

If you practice this CCT method through out life, you will be able to handle any situation to the best of your ability. How you react to life, in most cases, changes how life reacts to you. Will you make lemonade? Or will you squeeze the juice into your wounds….I see too many people doing the latter. Unable to realize a cause of their suffering.

Evolve with me wont you?

– Dave

Ralph Smart (Infinite Waters) videos –

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