4 Simple Healing Tools to Include into your Daily Life


It’s only natural that we humans become easily distracted from the core being of our truth. We believe that we have myriad of roles or responsibilities to navigate through the current state of society. Is this all to life? No. It’s time we revisit the sacred intelligence.

  1. The Power of your Mind

Stop obsessing and over-stressing. It’s simple, really. Who is forcing you to pay this bill or that bill? No one. You have the power. You are the power. You are in full control. Turn the t.v off and go outside for a breather. Let’s ask ourselves, are we stuck in a daily cycle of the same ol’ routine? Or are we allowing ourselves to be free to do what makes us happy? Are we feeding our minds with inspiration or with whatever is on the television?

Every morning, I start my day with a little meditation. This is a new healthy habit I made for myself. I start by imagining abundance rolling in at enormous amounts. I play it all out in my mind. I think about all the people I may run into, and the big smiles that we exchange. The connections we make. The support we give each other. Then, I go about my day and well, it happens!

The Power of our Mind is something so fragile, and we typically don’t tend to it. Have you been saying lately, “I’m broke. I can’t afford that.” Then, it’s true! Just try this with me, and really, don’t be afraid, you wont hurt yourself. Tell yourself out loud right now, “I am rich!” Now say, “I am worth it!” Because you are. You have the Power of your Mind to avoid complaining and saying you’re broke, and now say you are worth it and you are rich. Now, watch your dreams roll in… The Power of the Mind.. What a beautiful healing tool.

2. The Power of Raw Foods

This is the most obvious one that slips our minds regularly. How much “raw” food are you eating? The Kind of food that is filled with antioxidants and enzymes that keep your mind sharp and your skin glowing? Well, how much sugar, soda, or processed crackers or meat are you eating? Oh, this is one that I see many people choose to set aside, due to the hormone additions in the processed foods, especially dairy and meat. Friends, I have to say once you pick up this healing tool, and start eating more fresh fruits and vegetables, it is very easy to see in peoples faces who are still eating sugar, meat and dairy. They have large dark bags under their eyes, younger people will show more grey hair (unless they cover it with dyes and harmful chemicals,) skin color is pale, and their posture is slouched. So I want to share the Power of Raw Foods. Eat fresh living raw foods and watch your body and mind thrive. You’ll grow with confidence with this precious healing tool – The Power of Raw Foods. This brings us to connect to the next tool, the Power of Movement.

3. The Power of Movement

Move it. Are you feeling love for that stranger next to you? Oh, have you stretch your upper body this morning to open your heart area? Yikes. This takes us back to the posture issue. If you see someone slouching, beware. Their heart may be severely closed. It is so important to stretch and move your body to get the blood flowing. Well, now that we are eating raw foods, we need to get those nutrients flowing to all parts of the body? Right? Dave and I practice at least a half hour of yoga daily. This has become a routine for us that we don’t dare miss. It opens our body up, allows us to think clearly, and not to mention, avoid back pains and headaches!! Im thinking back to the times when I didnt stretch everyday. That was a time in my life when I felt very closed off, and had many toxic thoughts. So stretch, move, walk and dance, every. single. day.


4. The Power of Crystals

I wrote a number of articles about this subject, but because it is such a highly valued object by spiritual leaders, scientists, and now to us, it’s worth a revisit. Ancients believed these stones are alive and I believe it as well. Crystals amplify whatever intent or channel you put into it. This can take us back to tool #1. The Power of the Mind. If you decided it is time for a positive transformation in your life, use The Power of the Mind to put that intent into your crystal and allow it amplify that exact frequency.

The Power of Crystals is what I’m passionate about. I’ve spent a good part of my life studying and understanding them. I’ve examined other peoples experiences with them. This manifestation of creators most magical gift is what leads me to the point of where I am today – Sharing the healing experience with others in the form of jewelry. I noticed that it takes time to build a relationship with a crystal to experience it as its highest qualities as a healing tool. So, I make it into jewelry to keep the tool in your aura for an extended period of time. I make them into hemp, because there are not synthetic fibers, and no interactions with metals, allowing the crystal to freely vibrate at its purest frequency. Use the Power of Crystals as a healing tool in your day to day life. Check out our Healing Crystal Jewelry in our shop!


There you have it. 4 very simple healing tools to use every day. These are simple tools we often forget that we have access to. I like to recommend to everyone to write these down in a small journal. Everyday remind yourself of numbers 1 – 4. reflect at the end of the day if you have notice a difference.  Did you feel like a better version of yourself? Are you weeding out the things in our life that no longer serve you?

Comment below to share your experience! We would love to hear it!

Blessings – Emily

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One thought on “4 Simple Healing Tools to Include into your Daily Life

  1. Hello. I should have sent a crystal hemp jewelry care card alomg with the purchase. Im sorry that is happening. Please be sure, when the loop is around the crystal, to guve it a wiggle and twist, and gently allow it to be tuckked it between the knot and crystal. That is how it will stay secured. For any further questions, please use the “contact” page or email me at mysticalmakings@reborn.com


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