Break Away from the Herd: 4 Ways to Follow your Own Path

In today’s society, the unconscious conforming to the norm is almost effortless. Harmful follow your own pathmedia, food, “medicine”, culture, and thinking all have followings that make up a large percentage of our population globally and nationally. The symptoms of said actions are seen on a wide scale through the state of emotional / physical health, economy, and environment of our planet. More people day after day are becoming aware of such actions and breaking the chains of past programming. Though at times, “breaking the norm” through becoming your best version and listening to your heart can be challenging. Here are 4 ways which will empower you to create happiness and abundance by following your own path in life.

1. Television – Turn it OFF

Better yet, get rid of it. One of the most effective ways to strengthen your thinking and actions is to turn off the TV. Mainstream movies and shows all have cultural programming hidden inside. How to look, think, and act are all belief systems being pushed on us without most of us realizing. Side effects of this programming manifests in racism / prejudices, eating disorders, and carelessness to the ecosystem.

The reality the mainstream media portrays is a dark and gloomy one when in fact the world is changing everyday for the better. By buying into the consensus reality they are providing, we are taught to believe the world is a bad place, which has it’s own set of destructive belief systems and behaviors. The phrase “change the way you look at things, and the things you look at change” has much meaning and significance. Two recent studies have found that 1 hour of TV can take up to 22 minutes of life expectancy away from you. By leaving the mainstream reality and thinking by ridding yourself of TV, you will feel, think, and act better. For the better.

2. Diet – The Ultimate Healer

When we are healthy, we are happy. It is extremely important to eat a beneficial and nutrient dense diet to have the strength for your own path in life. So much of us now are majorly disconnected with what we are consuming. In turn this hurts ourselves, the environment, and the economy. A multitude of people have accepted what their bodies are doing as fate, as if it was going to happen even with a sensible diet. Though this is not the case. Genetics can be turned on and turned off through a process called gene expression. Our diets play a direct role in which genes are expressed and which are turned off.

 Dr. Dean Ornish and Nobel Prize winner Elizabeth Blackburn found that a fully plant based diet turns off more than 500 disease causing genes in just 3 months. Busting the myth of fate when it comes to our well being. Though this is not the only benefit of eating a plant based diet. The first law of thermodynamics states energy cannot be created nor destroyed – only transformed. When we consume an animal who has spent it’s entire existence in fear, anxiety, and sadness, the energy of their emotions and negative or low frequency state is transferred into us. This can limit us, causing us to be fearful of change, growth, and progress for the better. “Comfort isn’t synonymous with change” is a phrase which is very true. Having our mind, body, and spirit in check allows us to break the chains of outside influences.

 Foods that have been genetically modified or “GMO” products have been altered in a lab to withstand vast amounts of glyphosate or as we know it – Round Up. Glyphosate has been linked to a number of health issues and destructive gene expression in various studies. These strains of crops have been artificially created. There is no life energy, or spirit within them. This combination of herbicide and lifeless “frankenstein” food inhibits many individuals’ physical, emotional, and spiritual health. Making change or progress seem scary, unwanted, or foreign. The main crops which are genetically modified in the states are corn and soy, but there are many others. So educate yourself in which products to avoid. If they are not labeled non GMO, you have a sure bet that they are when it comes to corn, soy, and others.

 The last element of diet we’ll focus on is water. H20. Life. We all are aware of the importance of water though sometimes forget to pay mind to what we are drinking ourselves. City water, and many bottled waters contain fluoride as well as all conventional toothpastes. Not the naturally occurring version, but the man made synthetic. This fluoride calcifies our pineal gland or “third eye” as most call it. This gland or chakra is responsible for our intuition and connection with the spirit realm and other dimensions. When these abilities are not accessible, finding our purpose is much more difficult. This gland on a physical level is also responsible for melatonin, a type of serotonin that allows us to get restful, deep sleep at night. Combine lack of purpose with no sleep, and you can quickly become disoriented on your journey.

3. Metaphysical Healing Tools

There are many useful methods that exist. Crystal healing, organite, reiki, muscle testing, cranial-sacral therapy, smudging, yoga, meditation, and breathing techniques all help us tune in to our true selves while healing emotional trauma and physical ailments. Every one of these ways are very effective in enabling us to walk away from social pressures and unhealthy expectations.

 In a past article, we discussed the vibrational qualities of trees and wood. One of the best species for living your own life is Black Walnut. So powerful in helping you to walk your own path, the Dr. Bach flower essence company created a tincture from Walnut for exactly that use. The tree’s frequencies allow you to lead your own lane in life without the outside influence of others. We have crafted pendants and rings from this tree’s reclaimed wood. Click here to view our collection.

Crystals, as we all know possess frequencies very beneficial to our auras or electromagnetic fields. One of the power crystals we prefer for this use is Labradorite. This stone opens spiritual pathways and attunes you to your purpose here on earth. It allows connection with your higher self for guidance. Labs are one of our favorite stone’s due to it’s high vibrations and astonishing colors. Click here to view our Labradorites.

4. Your Current Job / Situation – Making Space

“When one door closes, another one opens” holds a lot of meaning. When you create space for new and exciting things to happen in your life, you are preparing for the best. It is necessary  in order to let great things happen. Sell some things you don’t use anymore. Quit talking or associating with people who no longer uplift you. Or do the ultimate, quit your job if you don’t enjoy it. Fear cannot be a factor in breaking the chains of societies programming. Instead of worrying what could go wrong, aspire about the things that can go right.

Evaluation of your present life is extremely important in determining how and if you want change. Are you in a place that is serving you? That is feeding not draining your soul? Perhaps you make a nice salary but are ashamed of the company you work for. Maybe you don’t have much stimulation in life and are seeking more. Identifying these problems is the first step. Make a pledge to alter your body, mind, and spirit to become your best version. You are infinite. A spiritual being having a human experience. Anything is possible.


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