Vibrational Qualities of Trees & Wood

“If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.” -Nikola Tesla

Everything is vibration. According to the string theory, that is what determines matter’s makeup and physical manifestation here on this dimension. Some matter consists of higher frequency than others. Crystals for example grow from the earth and possess dense concentrations of beneficial energies to our aura or as the science community calls it, electromagnetic field. Though just as many healing energies exist, the exact opposite does as well. Cell phone radiation, microwaves, and wifi saturated areas all play a direct role in affecting your body, mind, and spirit in a destructive manner.


Many people are well versed in the healing technologies of crystals. But a mere percentage of us know much about the vibrational qualities of living trees, as well as their remains. Trees are multi-dimensional and wise beings. They are the center of our ecosystem. They renew our air, provide shelter for insects and animals, and play many roles in completing our circle of life. The life force and embodying energy of these creatures are vast and enormously aiding.

Trees are highly intelligent in ways measurable by modern day science as well. With the skill of communication, they can warn each other through compounds released in the air carrying information like a nearby insect attack. Click here to read an article more in depth on this subject.

forest tree benefits

Sitting under a Willow or Pine tree mimics the effects of selenite with the ability to silence headaches and calm one’s mood.

Cherry trees, when hugged or sat near can be grounding.

Mulberry can balance the yin and yang energies within you, bringing you to your natural center or homeostasis.

Black Walnut offers empowering energy to walk your true intentions’ path without getting pushed around by the influences of others.

White Birch contains frequencies of purification & protection. Allows us to connect with our feminine powers and purity.

Many varieties of Cedar also have vibrant  properties of protection, healing, and cleansing. In Native American cultures, you ‘re not likely to encounter a ceremony without the twigs, leafs, living tree or wood.

The manner in which we harvest their wood affects the strength of the wood’s frequencies or life force as well. When they are clear cut with no mindfulness to their existence, their spirit leaves swiftly and abandons their three dimensional shell. In the event of a necessary removal or harvest, the wood will have more resonance inside if you tell the tree what it will be used for and why. Using reclaimed wood and timber is an excellent way to harness the energies. The tree will respect the re-purpose just as much as you will. For example, recently we had the chance to harvest a Mulberry tree that was part of an area being cleared for our local bee farmer. Before I cut it down, it was hugged and told what was going on and why. This tree would’ve been used for firewood otherwise.

To enhance the strength of our pendants, we choose to infuse crystals along with the power of tree species. We’ve been infusing Mulberry, Black Walnut, and Cedar lately and have been loving the results. Click here to see what is available in our online store.


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5 thoughts on “Vibrational Qualities of Trees & Wood

  1. This is so interesting! This is the first time I’ve read and learned about the vibrational and healing properties of trees, and now I’m so intrigued by it. I will definitely read up more about it and maybe buy a pendant to try it out firsthand. 🙂 Thank you for being so informational.


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