How to Attract Abundance

What kind of abundance are you attracting every day?


I am sharing this information from my own studies and experiences, and when it came to attracting abundance, I came to this conclusion;

The way this universe works is so simple! It is “mind over matter.” When I realized that we are all made of the same material as the rest of creation, we can attract any kind of abundance we desire!

We are the true architects of our mind, body and soul. What we choose to believe is what is mirrored around us.

So, how do you attract abundance? Here is how I did it..


Ask For it! 

You don’t get what you want, because you don’t ask for it!

When attracting abundance, it is important to express your desires by putting those vibrations out in the universe. For example, if you have been working at your job and are unhappy with your routine, ask yourself this; “have I asked myself if I want a change?”

Most of us just put up with what we know, without questioning our own behavior. We are quick to blame external influences, but rarely take the time to ask ourselves, “am I happy with it?” If the answer is no, ask for a change!

“Can I live more spontaneously?” The answer is YES! “Can I make money by doing something else that doesn’t bore me?” The answer now is YES because you have put that vibration out into the universe, and now you are making space for what you want to happen, happen.

I have learned to ask for what I desire through prayer every single day, and now my life is abundant. I have asked myself before, “can I wake up first thing in the morning without the anxiety that is restricting me everyday?” Now everyday I wake up to hearing the echoes of the cranes, and calls of green herons. The morning doves and sparrows sing beautiful songs in the morning that I have never heard before. Now I wake up and start my day in grace, beautiful music and happiness. As if this wasn’t enough abundance, this good way of waking up makes incredible neuro connections in my brain to create more abundance throughout the day.

Try it yourself. Start with something simple. Ask for abundance.


Start Weeding your Garden

As we talked about mirrored images earlier, I had this thought out in the garden one day when I neglected it for a while. I decided it was about time to go weed. The weeds were horrible! Some of them taller than myself! As I am sweating and getting frustrated, I realized, my garden is a mirrored image of myself. There are things in my life that I need to begin weeding, before the weeds shade out my main harvests. How can I harvest a lot of big and delicious squashes or beans when I have not weeded the plants around them? How can I harvest and store my happiness when I have a lot of negative thoughts crowding my mind? How can I run off and travel whenever I want when I have not weeded out the bills that are constantly growing in my life?

Do you find yourself getting frustrated or stressed at least once a day? You may also want to begin weeding your garden! The garden of your mind!  Here are some things I weeded out of my life to create space and attract abundance (and maybe get a good squash harvest too!)

-Stop caring about what people think about you. This is a big weed I had to pull out of my garden. I had to let go of my families and societies expectations of me. No, I don’t want to finish college because I don’t want to live in debt. I want to travel and have my own business.. If I cared about what my family thought about me, I would have a job after college that I did not want, and I would be in debt, and probably would not have been able to travel yet. Stop caring about what other people think about you, and you will make space in your life to attract abundance! Your truth and happiness. Many people at craft shows or festivals make puzzled faces when we tell them we are selling our craft to buy land and grow our own food. Sometimes we even get called hippies. I stopped caring about what people think because that is what is going to make me happy! I will be eating fresh food everyday while they are eating processed foods, feeling sick and still wondering why Dave and I want to grow our own food.

-Get rid of the things that make you unhappy!  Its simple. If you are not happy, you are not living in abundance. We must remember, we are the ones in control of our own happiness. Hate your job? QUIT and try something new! Hate being around this one person that is always negative and bringing you down? Stop being around them! Your vibe attracts your tribe. Take responsibility for your own happiness.

Its all about creating space.When you weed out what makes you unhappy, you are allowing more room to make beautiful things grow. This is how we attract abundance.


Learn from Mother Nature

We can observe the operation of abundance in nature. Every lake has its source – an inlet from which it is fed, and an outlet by means of a stream or by evaporation, constantly cycling. It is always there. Trees and plants receive nourishment from the soil and energy from the sun and give their fruit in response because they are so abundant. We can see how nature provides protection, and sustains life. Nature’s gifts are provided freely – and without expectation, for they are Given with Love.  Can we understand that nature never worries? She is always cycling in abundance. When we understand we are nature, we can live in abundance as well.

The birds never say “I hope there will be food tomorrow” because they are nature. They know that mother nature is always providing for them.

Ants never stop to wonder what to do next when you accidentally step on their hill as they were building their fortress. They imminently get to work and start gathering materials to rebuild. This shows us we live in abundance, and they will never run out of materials to build.

This is the abundant propensity we learn from Mother Nature.


I choose to Believe

This is the final puzzle piece I discovered for myself in attracting abundance. I have watched the power of belief in so many other people work as well.

Have you been saying to yourself, or others lately, “I want…”

“I want a new car, I want a romantic relationship, I want to be happy..”

STOP NOW! You are doing it WRONG!

By saying, “I want,” you are telling yourself that you have already failed. You do not have this or that. Instead, make a new healthy habit and say ” I have.” I already have happiness. It has never left me. I just have to remember its deep in there.”

I have done this in my life. I use to say “I never got enough love as a child. I want love.”I realized the damage I was doing to myself by cycling in this negative thought. I am staying in the grey cloud of being unwanted and unloved. After aggregating positive lifestyle changes, (eating more fresh fruits and vegetables, and practicing yoga daily) I have realize this,

I am loved.

I love myself. This love has always been in me. Now that I love myself, I notice more people around me giving love back.

I use to say to myself, “I’m always broke.” Funny thing is that I always was until I began to say and believe that I am rich! I said it to myself daily until I understood that I am rich! Now I have more money than I could ask for. My sweetheart and I can go travel for months each year.

I am rich. I live in abundance.

I choose to believe this, and now this is what I am surrounded with.

Will you choose to believe you are broke, or will you choose to believe you are rich? It is your choice!


These are the ways I have discovered how to create abundance in my own life. I am healthy, happy, doing what I love, in love, and I have more money than I need! These are simple ideas that can be applied in your life. Try some out, and comment below to let me know how it works for you!

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Blessings, my abundant friends!



4 thoughts on “How to Attract Abundance

  1. I love this, Emily. Thank you for the reminder!! I used to study the law of attraction & practice manifestation & abundance, I have forgotten the key points. Reading your article has reminded me how easy it is to set out my intentions & vibrate in the belief “I have”.

    ~Ask, Believe, Recieve.

    I feel lighter after reading your words, & am reminded of the joy of creating in all aspects of life & manifesting!!

    This reminds me of my own practices I used to enjoy & I will begin to incorporate them back into my life. Positive affirmations were such a powerful tool I have forgotten about.

    Thank you ❤

    Liked by 1 person

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