3 Ways to Use Crystal Jewelry as Healing Tools

Crystals are beautiful, and wearing them is attractive, and makes the beneficial

gemstone jewelry

properties convenient. There are many different types of styles and designs.

When making jewelry with healing intentions, we choose to pair it with wood for better vibrational qualities.

I wrote a post about how crystals are healing, and why we are attracted to particular ones. You can view that here, and why you should own one here, if a little more background on crystal healing is needed before continuing on with this post. Now you own one, and now you’re wearing it. Here are 3 ways to use your crystal hemp jewelry as a healing tool..

  1. Setting Intentions

Crystals are powerful tools, and by wearing them, we may forget that. When wearing crystals, it is important to understand what you are bringing to it. When putting on that crystal necklace or bracelet, understand that you are making a commitment. You are asking the crystal for a favor in your healing journey. The way I like to stay conscious as I am putting on my Petoskey and Labradorite necklace, or clasping on my Scorpio Bracelet with Citrine and Lapis Lazuli, I hold them in my hand, sometimes to my heart and close my eyes. Ill imagine my day going smooth and easy, with a lot of smiles and abundance. By doing this, I am sending signals to my crystals (and yes, they can pick up on your frequencies.)

There are many ways to do this. You can do it before you purchase a necklace, holding a few different ones and see which one helps you to imagine the most success!

Do you have digestive issues, or having trouble bringing abundance your way? Hold a piece of jewelry containing Citrine and set those intentions. (See Scorpio Astrology Bracelet or Kundalini Rising Chakra Earrings.)

Having trouble with physical and mental strength? Wear a Fluorite necklace while meditating, and bring this intention to your meditation (See Flourishing Fluorite Hemp Necklace or Affinity Air Hemp Bracelet.)

What are you intentions on your healing path? Comment below!


2. Proper Care

When obtaining a unique piece of crystal jewelry, it is necessary to maintain it as a healing tool, just as doctors disinfect their surgical tools, or as woodworkers sharpen their tools and put them away when finished. We are our own healers, so we must take proper care of our personal tools.

With healing crystal jewelry, it is important to take the jewelry off in the shower (especially with hemp.) As you shower or bathe, you are cleaning off your energies and it is a good idea to be separated from your healing tool while doing so, because they pick up energies throughout the time spent with it. There are some exceptions, and personal preference with this, but for the most part, I recommend to proceed with proper care in this way.

Take it off at night while sleeping, so the crystal can have a rest from your energy as well. I always recommended to my customers to take it off during sleep, because it can become tangled, or damaged, but also because it interferes with you in the dream realm. If you are looking for crystals to assist you in this world, then keep the jewelry next to you on the nightstand, or under your pillow just to ensure your special healing tool does not become damaged while sleeping!

This next tip is a personal choice. When I am on my womanly moon cycle each month, I choose to keep my crystals away in a box. I may choose one specific piece to wear and keep that with me at all times, and when my cycle is over, I clear it and reset it (step #3.) I do this because when a woman is on her moon cycle, her energy is spiraling the opposite way of everyone else. She is on her healing and detoxing time. Her body is working on its own internal cleansing process Personally, I like this cycle to work in its own way without the assistance of other tools, but sometimes I will wear my Blue Kyanite Necklace, which is calming and a feminine healer. This choice is very optional.

3. Charging and Resetting

To use your crystal jewelry as a healing tool, it is wise to know how maintain its powerful energies. As you are wearing the bracelet, necklace or earrings, there may be a day that is filled with negativity. The crystals and gems can pick up on that (except for Selenite, Citrine & Kyanite.) Once they have picked up on that lower frequency, they hold it, and may not work as a healing tool as you expect them too. So here is how to charge and reset your jewelry to keep them as powerful healing tools!

Charge them in the moonlight & sunlight

The moon and the sun have cleansing and re-energizing properties. Think about when you have had a stressful day at work, and you walk outside into the fresh air and sunlight. Your mood is instantly better! Your crystals and gems have been living and growing in this habitat under the cycles of the sun and moon for years, so setting them in the window, or on your fence post for 24 hours will certainly charge them up. Personally, I like to re-energize mine twice a month, when the moon is full and when it is new.

Another way is to smudge it. Passing it through the smoke of sage, cedar, palo santo, sweetgrass or other purifying medicines can clear and reset the healing tool.

Once it has been cleared, now you can charge and reset. This is a good opportunity to repeat step one to set new intentions!

There are so many more ways to use your crystal jewelry as a healing tool. These 3 ways are the very basic ways, and everyone has their individualized way. Working with wearable healing crystals is an excellent way to explore your own inner healing abilities. Remember, YOU are the healer. The crystals are just tools and teachers of your own inner power!

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