4 Reasons Why You Need a High Vibrational Crystal 

Crystals have been on earth for millions of years. The earth’s crust is made up of 75%  silicon with oxygen, a crystalizing element that makes up Quartz. They have been used all throughout history by ancient civilizations, which leads us to our number one reason of why you should carry a crystal with you at all times..

crystal healing

1. Ancient Texts Tell us About the Power of Crystals.

In 1714, M.B valentines museum museorum pictured an airship designed five years earlier by a Brazilian priest, the craft was to be powered by Agate and Iron, heated by the sun to become magnetic.

Other ancients credited crystals with healing powers. A Greek philosopher, Theophastus and Roman geographer Pliny passed this knowledge on. The Romans carried Amethyst to help them stay sober, and away from alcohol.

Babylonians attributed human minds’ destiny to be influenced by stones.

Our ancestors believed that the earth was surrounded by crystal spheres where God, stars and planets dwelled.

Ancient egyptians have carried Lapis Lazuli to open their third eye and connect with other dimensions. They experienced a life force within each crystal and the power to heal.

Plato believed stones were living beings produced by fermentation process and induced by a life giving intelligence descending from the stars.

2. They Help us to Understand the Power of Science and Techology

“In a crystal we have clear evidence of the existing of a formative life principle, and though we cannot understand the life of a crystal, it is nontheless a living being. ” – Nikola Tesla

Our modern day techology cannot exist without the power of crystals. They are used to power every single computer around the world. Quartz is a receiver and transmuter of energy. They are used in surgical tools, clocks, automobile engines and even spaceships

Crystals have the lowest amount of entropy which means the molecules are very organized and not all over the place. This brings us to number 3

3. Crystals Can Bring Balance and Positive Influences Into Our Daily Lives

Since crystals are made of a very balanced structure, they bring balance into our lives!

Just looking at them alone brings harmony. To me, they are one of the most beautiful things formed on earth. They come in so many shapes and colors. Violet and purple crystals resonate with the pituitary gland, regulating metabolism and regenerating the body. They also open one to higher awarness.

They align and balance our chakras, the 7 energy spheres within the human body. Citrine is a beautiful yellow crystal that charges our Solar Plexus, in the center of our body which encourages good digestion, releases past negative emotions, enhances creativity, self worth and acceptance.

Crystals have helped me, and many of my friends in our daily lives when carrying them by simply giving us courage and confidence. Holding something so small with so much power and history is something special.

Labradorite is a specimen that recalibrates the physical and subtle etheric bodies to higher frequency energy to shield one from detrimental external influences. It has the ability to open one to spirutal pathways.

4. They Heal Us. 

Crystals have a high and precise vibrational rate, which is why they are used in technology, but the different vibrations of different crystals work with the human energy field in a way that absorbs, difuses, focuses or directs energy.

Rose Quartz is a crystal that is prized for healing conditions of the heart. It is also said that it opens new neuropathways and may assist with alzheimers, dementia and parkinsons.

Fluorite has been studied many times and it has been discovered that it is an antimmflamitory agent which can help with arthritis and joint pains.

Labradorite protects against colds, lowers blood pressure and releieves PMS.

There you have it! Ancient civilizations and famous people in history tell us to use crystals, they help us to better understand the foundation of the earth and our modern technology, the beautiful colors and structures bring balance and harmony into our daily lives, and they heal us!

I wear crystals everyday. They make me feel good. The beauty of the crystal reflects beauty back to me and I feel confident when I wear them. I am able to express myself fully, and they start great conversations when I meet other people wearing crystals!

Which crystals do you like to wear? Comment below!

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